The owner’s love for contemporary art has played an important role in creating Villa Il Cerretino’s unique and captivating atmosphere. The villa’s extensive private collection of Italian Pop Art is displayed in the lounges on the noble floor alongside the unique Poltronova furniture from the 70s. The Pistoia School is certainly the protagonist here, and you will see works such as “Vaso di Pandora” by Valerio Adami, and “Menta” a totem by Ettore Sottsass as well as paintings by Roberto Barni, Umberto Buscioni and Gianni Ruffi.

In September 2019, the collection was further expanded with the work of Benni Bosetto, a young Milanese artist, who joined the existing 6 artists represented in the villa, a testimony to the patronage approach of the Villa Il Cerretino owners who every year host works by emerging and contemporary artists on a temporary or permanent basis.